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16 Color Remote Controlled Sunset Lamp

16 Color Remote Controlled Sunset Lamp

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Set the ideal atmosphere, ideal for capturing stunning pictures or videos!
Indulge in a mesmerizing array of light and shadow effects, infusing your room with a captivating ambiance. Its sleek, minimalist design with a modern touch makes it an ideal enhancement for your desk or gaming setup. Simply connect the cable and behold the enchanting magic unfold before your eyes!


Turn your room into an illuminated haven

Sunsets are often seen as romantic, inspiring, and Instagram-worthy moments, but many of us reserve this special experience only for vacations or when we find ourselves in picturesque locations. The good news is that you no longer need an exotic destination to relish in the serene, beautiful, and life-changing moments of a sunset. With our Vivyd light, you can enjoy the calming and captivating ambiance of a sunset right from the comfort of your own space.

  Let your creativity flow!

Transform your desktop, gaming setup, or workspace from ordinary to extraordinary! Ignite your creative inspiration with the perfect mood lighting. Just connect the USB plug, and you're all set to go!

Simply plug & project!

Kickstart the fun by effortlessly connecting the cable. Our sunset lamps, powered by energy-saving LED technology, radiate the same captivating brightness even in daylight. Whether you're seeking a romantic ambiance in the bedroom or aiming to create a distinctive and mesmerizing glow in the living room, one thing is certain – it's an absolute showstopper.

Elevate your mind and spirit!

Experiencing jaw-dropping moments like breathtaking sunsets can create a sense of having ample time, fostering patience, reducing materialistic desires, and boosting willingness to engage in volunteerism



  Product information
Shade material: Aluminum alloy & PC
The main scope of application: Household places
Switch type: Push-button
Light color: Sunset, Rainbow, Sun, Sunset red, Sunset light 


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