Rain Cloud Humidifier Night Light

Rain Cloud Humidifier Night Light

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Product Description
Rain Cloud Humidifier

Have you ever seen a humidifier that makes it rain?

Are you looking for a multifunctional humidifier?

The cute humidifier features a rain cloud design with changing night lights and will bring you relaxation and comfort.

Rain Cloud Humidifier
Rain Cloud Humidifier

Water Drip Cloud Humidifier Diffuser

Special Cloud

It simulates clouds and rain, and the sound of rain combined with the aroma emitted by essential oils makes you more relaxed and helps sleep.

How to Use

Press the left button to adjust the LED light color, and the middle button is the on/off button, you can also adjust the water size, and press the right button to adjust the LED light brightness.

  • Rain Cloud Shape
  • Water Drip Sound
  • 7 Colorful Lights
  • 3 Single Buttons
  • Spill Resistant
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