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SmartDukkan™ Smart Sensor Ashtray

SmartDukkan™ Smart Sensor Ashtray

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Enjoy a hands-free smoking experience like never before !!

Elevate your car's look with the trendy infrared automatic opening and closing feature. The sleek electroplated ashtray, high-end mirror display, and durable steel liner combine fashion and safety.

Elegant and Convenient Design

Add a touch of style with the trendy automatic opening/closing feature. The sleek ashtray, bright display, and heat-resistant steel liner combine fashion and safety.

🌬️ Smoke-Free and Dust-Free Solution

Prevent secondhand smoke and dust in your car effectively with this product.

🤖 Smart Infrared Sensor Control

The built-in smart chip controls the infrared sensor, providing a fast and sensitive response for seamless opening and closing.

👆 Swipe to Open

Experience hassle-free operation with a simple swipe to open the lid, making smoking in your car a breeze.

Versatile Functionality

This product offers dual modes for convenience – automatic close and manual close. Choose the mode that suits you best!

💡 Illuminating Nighttime Convenience

The lid lights up immediately upon opening, allowing easy smoking even during nighttime drives.

🔥 Extra Large Capacity

Enjoy an extended smoking experience with the extra-large capacity, capable of accommodating more cigarette butts.

🌫️ Odor Prevention

The built-in tight sealing ring prevents the smell of smoke from spreading in the car, maintaining a fresh interio

🔋 Long-lasting Performance

With the ability to open and close 1,000 times on a single charge, this product ensures durability and reliability.

Durable and Safe Design

Featuring an ABS shell, this product is flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant, ensuring durability and safety.

Versatile Usage

This product is versatile and suitable for various scenarios. Whether in the bedroom, living room, shared guest cars, or other places, its functionality fits any setting.

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