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TableTop Smokeless Firepit

TableTop Smokeless Firepit

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Create the perfect environment with fire anytime & anywhere.


  • Made up of special concrete and other materials that makes this firepit is suitable for indoor use and doesn’t crack over time. Our Firepit lasts 5+ years. 
  • Comes with a 5mm Cork base so that it doesn’t heat up from the bottom and damage your furniture. 
  • Comes with 90% isopropyl alcohol for smokeless, clear, and long flames that don’t damage your roof. 
  • Use this anywhere indoors without worrying about smoke alarms/ smoke detectors. 

A perfect and safe accessory to make your home cozier and luxurious!

  • 🔥 DESIGN IDEAS: Upyoga Firepit is a unique and wonderful gift for family, and friends, to bring them happiness and warmth.
  • The tabletop fire bowl uses clean alcohol as fuel, releasing a brilliant smokeless and odorless flame.
  • The blazing flame is like a delicate dance, warming the whole space, bringing warmth to you when you are alone, and soothing your tiredness of the day.
  • This fire pit comes with a lifetime warranty that includes cracking due to fire.


  • WHY CHOOSE US: Upyoga has studied the dangers of fuel leakage during combustion in the market and has improved our product to address these problems.
  • Compared with other products, our tabletop fire pit is made heat-resistant with our patented formula, without any inside metal burner cups, and will not crack or have fuel leakage due to cracking.
  • Creates a simplicity and natural beauty of handmade concrete style without any inside metal burner cup.


  • Dimensions & Inclusions: The tabletop fire pit bowl is 4" D x 4.5" H,  2 kgs, and holds 150ml of liquid fuel. 500ml of liquid fuel is included. 
  • Whether you're having an indoor gathering or an outdoor party, it's easy to move.
  • Enjoy a cozy time, soft patio lighting, relaxing fire circle gatherings, and even a warm night with your family or friends! 

  • This firepit also comes with a cork fire extinguisher lid, While the firepit is still burning you can place that lid on top to stop the fire. 

Safety is paramount when operating a fire pit. Fire pits must be used strictly on horizontal and flat surfaces.

• For Re-filling use 70% or 91% isopropyl alcohol as fuel and only ignite with an extended lighter,  a long match, or a long candle. 

• Customers can buy extra fuel and extended lighters from our website as well. 
• Do not re-fill, move, or touch the fire pit while it is burning or still hot.
• Fire pits should not be activated, operated, or moved by minors.
• Don't leave a burning fire pit unattended.
• Keep children and pets at a safe distance and under adult supervision.
Flammable materials should be kept at least 3 feet away from fire pits.

• Do not open fuel containers near open flames.
• Fuel should be stored in a dry, cool place away from fire pits. Make sure the fuel cup and fire pit are tightly sealed and kept out of reach of children.
• Do not leave the unit while it's still burning. 


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