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Wireless Portable Body Massager

Wireless Portable Body Massager

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An easy and comfortable way to reduce the pain In body with our Portable 8 Mode Massager

This neck massager is a non-medical product without any side effects. No external force is required and massages the neck anytime, anywhere.  It can be used on the back of the head, shoulder, and neck, etc. to relieve fatigue or pain caused by long-time computer working, traveling or studying, etc.

Deep massage, soothing body, and mind: this neck and shoulder massager can adapt to most parts of the body (from the shoulders to the feet) for a full body massage. 8 modes and 19 levels alternate to achieve better massage effects. They help to relax from a whole day of heavy work or physical exercise.

Electric Neck Massager is a portable, waterproof, massager specially designed for use by those with neck pain. Thanks to its ergonomic design and gentle vibration, it is the perfect device to help loosen stiff muscles and eases tension headaches. The massage pad can be easily placed on any part of the body including the neck, shoulders, back, etc. With 8 different modes from which you can choose, will be sure to find one that best suits user needs.

This neck massager is easy to use, just put it on your neck and massage the sore points. The rollers can increase speed gradually to give you a sense of relief and comfort. Simply rotate the mode buttons to adjust motor speed and choose one of three modes: slow, medium, or fast.

The neck massager is a new leisure product with multiple functions. It can be used to massage the neck, relieve fatigue, and ease pain in the head, shoulders, and back. It also helps user to increase blood circulation, relax muscles and improve sleep.

Widely used, the best gift: our neck and shoulder massager is suitable for the elderly, housewives, office workers, students, drivers, and people after training. The neck and shoulder massage machine is very suitable for birthday gifts, Father's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, etc.

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